5 thoughts on “Lavender Farm in Kula, Maui”

  1. Aloha
    Lovely photos. This is one of our favourite places also. A few years ago we went there with dear friends and enjoyed their fabulous Lavender Tea. Everything is made from lavender from the tea, to the jams to the wonderful melt in your mouth scones. What an experience overlooking the wonderful upcountry valley!!!!! I highly recommend it.

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  2. I want to visit this farm badly!! Was on Maui last Sept for two days and only played golf. I suggested that we go visit the Kula Lavender Farms but was laughed at!

    1. The Lavender Farm is a beautiful place, but not for everyone. Your friends or family who laughed at you for suggesting to visit the Lavender farm missed a great spot on Maui. Next time we should visit together 😉

  3. Another place we wanted to visit last month, but just ran out of time. Cindy gets the full lavender treatment at the spa she goes to, and just adores it. Quite a few people were surprised to hear we hadn’t been there yet on our trip.

    We saw they had a booth setup at Whale Day, too. Pretty well known on the island.

    I also echo Julie’s comments on the photos. I looks so peaceful and beautiful there.

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