It’s halfway through January 2017 and this post is sort of a check on how am I doing with some  of my new year resolutions and  goals. Life on Maui is good, but there is always room for improvements 🙂

  • Exercise – I have been walking pretty regularly in the morning. I’d say 5 days in a week. Not bad. I post photos on my Instagram accounts  @amauiblog and @lizamaui while I walk. I think that helps. 🙂
  • Blogging – Well, here I am blogging.  I actually skipped my walk this morning so I can blog, because I am afraid my blogging is being pushed to the side again.  Now that I am writing this post, I feel better already. I decided I won’t try to organized my blog posts anymore. I do it best when its random and spontaneous … and so be it.  However, I do have several blog posts on the pipleline … like “New places to Eat in South Kihei”, “Paia Town (guest post from Paia Community Association’s Executive Director), Whale Talk on Maui, Sunset Musings, and many more  so stay tuned …
  • Reaching Out and Making Friends – the introvert side of me is always happy just to be alone at home and have lots of quiet moments, but the social side of me keeps reminding me to go out of my comfort zone, and so this week I am.  Tonight I am attending a networking meeting with The Maui Collective. I’ll let you know how that goes on my next post.  Aside from the Maui Collective, I also decided to get involved in a community outreach through “Fil-Am Voice” Newspaper.  I will share more about it later but that’s something new for me as well.  Aside from making new friends … the goal is also to nurture and cherish the existing friends.   As the saying goes “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold” 🙂

Ok, I think that’s enough for now.  I have other goals and resolutions which includes my family but I won’t discuss those here at the moment. Maybe some other time.

I hope you like the hibiscus collage I added on this post. Those were some of the blooms I see when I walk in the morning here on Maui.  Enjoy!

P.S.. – Today my good friend Jon from www.MauiHawaii.org and I are meeting for lunch to try out some of the new restaurants on Maui and I am excited about it.   Meet Jon here. 🙂 – That post was written in 2012. We met several times after that. In fact, whenever he comes back to Maui, we meet to eat lunch to try new restaurants that opened while he is on the mainland. And yes, today we are doing that 🙂