It’s been raining on Maui. I love sunshine but I also love it when it occasionally rains on Maui because it is good for the plants, and it clears the air, and it gives us a cozy snuggle in bed kind of weather.  However, for visitors coming to Maui with the anticipation of a sunny weather,  rainy days on their visit could be a bummer.

At the end of this post, I am embedding a recorded copy of the  #MauiMonday FB Live we did on “what to do when it’s raining on Maui”.    However, as the title of this post indicate… this post is about “when is the best time to come to Maui”.   Below is another excerpt from the Maui Book I am writing. It’s actually Chapter 2.  It still needs refinement and I still have not sent this part of my editor yet but I thought it’s a good timing to share this with you now.  Enjoy and let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Here it goes:

It is always a good time to come to Maui.  But I understand you want to make a decision based on various circumstances (example: vacation from school) rates (high season more expensive that offseason), weather and happenings. So let’s start the discussion.

The busiest time to visit Maui is around the Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter. During this time traffic is heavier, airfare and hotel accommodation rates are high.  We call it the “high season” in tourism.  Despite the high rate, in my opinion, it wonderful time to visit because it is a festive season, and also the whale season.  If you are on a budget, the best time to come is Spring and Fall.

Talking about seasons, Maui does not have the distinctive four seasons because we do not have snow. Many travel books will say we have two seasons. However, let us still discuss the pros and cons of coming to Maui based on four seasons:

Winter (December to early March)

There are more chances of rain in winter on Maui than any other time of the year.  It is also more expensive due to Holidays.  However, if you live in the snowy area, it is a good time to Maui to get out of snow. For surfers, big waves are happening in December.  And one popular reason to come to Maui on winter is the “Whales”!  Whales Are Back on Maui, usually starting late October and it peaks on January to March.

Spring (late March – April)

There are still more chances of rain in spring compared to summer. However, rates are generally low on airfare and accommodation.  Plumerias are starting to bloom.

Summer (May to September)

The hottest time of the year, but for visitors that is what they want. Most of the students are out of school for vacation it still tends to be busier.

Fall (October to November)

There might be a little spike in visits on the week of Thanksgiving but weeks prior and weeks after are pretty slow, thus we call it “the low season”. Beautiful dramatic sunsets.


And now, here is the  #MauiMonday FB Live Recorded Video I promised, where we talked about things to do on Maui when it’s raining: