I noticed on my sitemeter that a person googled the phrase “raising kids on Maui” and landed on this blog. That got me thinking … yeah, how’s raising kids on Maui compared to other places? What do I like about raising kids on Maui? So let me share with you some of my thoughts:

1. Beautiful place to live – They are surrounded by beautiful nature – the beaches, valleys, mountains, rainforest, etc. Nature is good for kids, and here there’s plenty.

2. Tradition and Values – Hawaiian culture is rich in tradition and good values and living on Maui makes us practice many of them. The ohana, the aloha, the respect for elders, the hanai family – these are taught to the kids at an early age. One thing that is quite unique here that is not common in the mainland is that kids calls older family friends “auntie” and “uncle” eventhough they are not blood relatives aunt and uncle. I like that.

3. Education – well, we’re a little bit lacking, but it’s not bad. It’s really up to the parents to supplement. Homeschoolers thrive here. But I would say that many public schools are improving so it’s really not like what we commonly hear that Hawaii Public education is not good. There’s a lotof room for improvement, but it’s not bad at all.

Anything else you can add?