As I was browsing back through some of my old posts this week, it occurred to me how A Maui Blog has grown.  For example, the photos on my old posts were small, some were blurred and some were out of focus.  Now I make sure that the photos are bigger and better.

While perusing, there is one thing that I noticed I have regressed, and that  is in the area of talking story.  It seems like as the blog grew older,  there more photos and less talk  story. Some of the posts with words were written in a more informative press release kind of article than just talking story. I guess  I  wanted to make sure I am giving valuable information to the readers.

But then again, many of  you, I believe, enjoy the talking story format.  Many of informational stuff can be read from other websites such as Tripvisor and Maui Visitors Bureau websites or the news at Maui Time and Maui Now.  But I think what makes this blog unique from other Maui informational websites is that it’s a talking story blog, just like what my tag line says. In many of the older posts I shared about my family, my job,  etc. etc.  and I am thinking I should write that way more often

And so I thought it’s time to do a random post today, a musing of sort. Warning, this may become totally random. It may go long or short …

Family.  My kids were about 7 and 8 years old when I f irst started blogging. They are both teenagers now. Their activities changed a bit but I still am the “mommy taxi” most of the time until my son gets his license when he turns 16. I love being a mom.  As many of you know, I started as a Mommy Blogger.  We had many fun family memories that I blogged !  As you will notice, I don’t post a lot of photos of my kids now as I used to.  Teenage years  is a tricky stage of life so I try to give my kids their own space as much as I can (with proper limits of course).  You know what’s neat is looking at their photos on some of my earlier posts – they were so young – it made me smile looking at them 🙂

Work.   I started blogging as a hobby, then became a social media enthusiast, which led me to my job now as the Social Media Director for Hawaii’s Premiere Mortgage Company and Aloha Luxury Properties (vacation rental). Both are reputable companies.  They are not perfect but they are great companies and I enjoy working for them.  I feel blessed to be able to do the job I am doing now and be able to connect with you while at work 🙂

Friends.  Having to work a lot of hours leave me limited time to spend with friends (like going out, etc).  I cherish every moment I get a chance to. However,  I also enjoy my online friendships. Not the same, but both are a blessing.

Busyness.  My life is busy. Crazy busy. I wish I can slow down a bit, afterall I live on Maui, Hawaii.  But it’s all a matter of perspective I guess.   In the end, it’s up to us to prioritize.  I love living on Maui so I must accept the fact that part of it is working to pay the bills and the high cost of living.  At least we get to go to the beach on the weekend without having to by a plane ticket ;).  Everything in perspective …

How about you?  Now I am interested to hear from you! Let me know via comments.

P.S. One of my many weaknesses in blogging is the fact that I do not reply to the comments left on my blog. I read them all and love them but I am slacking on the commenting part.  Not due to the lack of desire to reply, it’s more due to lack of time. Anyway, I hope you’d leave a comment here. Any random comment will be appreciated – just let me know how you are doing.