Saturday, February 18, 2012 Events


Good morning! It’s Saturday, February 18, 201 – and Maui has a lot of great events going on this weekend!  It’s really kinda crazy – so many wonderful events to go to, we have to really plan our weekend.  There’s the World Whale Day at Kalama Park including a Whale Parade, then the Maui Open Studio Upcountry Tour where our friend Shane is participating, as well our our friends Mike and Toby Neal. Simultaneously happening are the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational in Makawao and the Maui Wedding Expo at the Kahili Golf Course in Maalaea. Not to forget, Peter Liu is also holding a Social Media Bootcamp at MEDB today.

I was initially wondering why the event organizers clumped their events into this weekend and then I realized it’s the Presidents Day weekend – a long weekend, no work on Monday! So that was it! That’s the reason why.  Well, I better get going and do some house chores before we hit the road and go to these wonderful events. I want to see the Origami Whale Curtain that we saw in 2012. It’s was fun to go through the maze.

Happy Presidents Day weekend to all!

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  1. This has always been a busy weekend, a good combination of holiday + lots of tourists on the island. Haven’t decided if I can wrangle to kids solo to whale day, but its usually a great event! on the plus side, i can walk to quite a few ‘open studios’ so i’m looking forwrd to that this weekend!

  2. Of the above you mentioned Liza, I only had a chance to do Peter Liu’s Social Media Bootcamp. Its was a full house of eager learners! I bumped into friends I haven’t seen in a while. They served a delicious lunch. Best of all, Peter makes his classes so interesting. We where all on the edges of our seats. Well worth the time and money, for sure!

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