Whale Day Parade 2012

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was a big event day on Maui. I only made it to the Whale Day Festival late in the afternoon. I have another post coming but for now I wanted to share these photos of the parade. My favorite is the mermaids photo.

whale day on Maui

Kids at the Whale Day Parade 2012

whale day whale tail maui

Mermaids at the Whale Day parade on Maui

A big “thank you” to Maura Sindel for allowing me to upload this photos on A Maui Blog.  More photos can be seen on her Facebook Album  the parade extravaganza.


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    1. Aloha Relf,

      I am a teacher at NHIS and was wondering if you are the same Relford Momon that graduated from NHIS in 1975?

      Email me please …

      I love the mermaids tooo!!!

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