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Living on Maui – The Ups and Downs

  I have been thinking about this topic of “Living on Maui” for the past few weeks.  Recently our family’s income was reduced significantly. There were moments of panic and anxiety.  Then we prayed, we assessed, we prayed again and we planned.  Bottomline, we have to change our lifestyle and live within our means, with a new […]

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Maui Sunset Afterglow in Keanae Peninsula

We spent out Independence Day Holiday Weekend at Keanae, Maui. We are fortunate (blessed) to have great friends (our hanai family, our ohana)  who owns a property in Keanae.  I call Keanae Peninsula a mini paradise on earth. On the afternoon / evening of July fourth, we were hanging out outside, chatting … and then we noticed […]

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Maui Sunsets

Photo by Dan Weisman – ImprovComedyCoach.com Photo by David Gibbs of  Fallingrock Photography Photo by Dawn Mains taken at the Cove Photo by  Reis Shimabukuro (taken the day before the Whale Day) *All these Maui Sunset (except for the last one) were taken on Feb 18, 2012, the Whale Day Festival *This is a Wordless […]

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