Now this is some serious stuff… I will go to lunch and order a salad and dessert. To be delivered at the same time…

I can tell you nothing rocks like fudge. Is there? I dare you to tell me otherwise… Nuts or no nuts… good fudge is from the gods! A cup of coffee and a pound of fudge… I’m salivating as I type. I have been blessed with some friends who can make unbelievable fudge – and also love me! So, I get fudge for my birthday and most holidays. I am not too proud to beg and plead for it. Heather lives on the mainland and Cassie here on Maui. But if you are here on Maui and don’t know Cassie you’re not going to get any homemade fudge (unless you know somebody else… in that case I’ll gladly buy you the “Best Burger on Maui” for some homemade fudge. But I digress).

There are some good desserts out there. the top of my list on thing to have while here is … The Hula Pie at any of the T&S Restaurants; Kimo’s, Hula Grill, and Leilani’s. Hula Pie is a Oreo cookie crust, macadamia nut ice cream filling, topped with milk chocolate and fresh whip cream, on top of that chopped macadamia nuts. The servings size is huge! I mean adult males may have a hard time finishing one off after a normal dinner! Adult companions and children will beg to help eat this delight – but I recommend feigning deafness and just enjoying this on your own. Hula Pieand a cup of Kona coffee is reason to live! Or, at least the reason to go out for dinner.

When I first arrive on Maui, 1986, a Buddy of mine, Stevo, and I would go to Chico’s Catina in Whaler’s Village after work. We both worked at the Hyatt, on the beach – so we couldn’t afford much. We’d sit down and order a cup of coffee and the two biggest pieces of Hula Pie that they had. We used to take an hour and a half, talk story, drink coffee, and eat Hula Pie. We were poor, but not cheap – so we always tipped out the waitress for her time and the table. But this is still one of the best memories of that time. Both Stevo and I still live on Maui. Both are married with kids. Both now work in radically different career fields (education & government administration). Sad to say Chico’s closed – Mexican restaurant on Maui? Not a good fit… T&S has established record of success with it’s other restaurants, any of which I would recommend for their fish – but certainly for their Hula Pie.

Posted by: The Broken Chromosome