The Buy Back The Beach $5K Challenge

The other day I shared about Buy Back The Beach Benefit Luau 2012 on my previous post. I know most of us want to help in one way or another. I want to highlight one thing that I think all of us can easily do, and yet leave maximum impact. You don’t have to be on Maui to do this…

THE  BUY BACK THE BEACH $5,000 challenge!  If we raise $5,000 by the end of the day on January 28, a generous donor will match it. That mean $10,000 for the protection and preservation of the beaches of Hawaii.  How to do it? Easy – just click the button below and it’ll take you to the Paypal file where you can donate, safely.

Buy Back the Beach Benefit Lu‘au in Support of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust #BBTB2012

Old Lahaina Luau

 *  To all my friends active on social media, let me share something with you … we are on a challenge here too.  Maui is still relatively new when it comes to harnessing the power of social media to do social good. I am stoked that HILT is willing to give this a try by collaborating with us, some of the active social media users on Maui, to help them achieve this mission of protecting and preserving Maui Beaches.  Would you do me a favor and help us social media users on Maui show our community that there is social media is for social good?  Any amount will be appreciated.  You can also help by sharing of this post to you and encouraging them to give.  I promise I won’t inundate you with fundraising posts – it’s just that this  one is for Maui, and I am A Maui Blog.  Aloha!

* If you donated, please leave a comment saying you did so we can publicly thank you via our tweets and posts.  Mahalo!

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  1. Aloha Liza. I like the redesign. It’s been a while since I have checked out your site. However, I had to comment when I saw this post. I don’t know how familiar you are with, but you should be. I have seen that community do amazing things. They picked up a story about an African orphanage the was being invaded nightly by violet intruders. A volunteer at the orphanage was asking people on Reddit to help raise enough money to build a wall around the orphanage. Within 24 hour they had raised $73,000 dollars. They were only trying to raise like 9,000 or something like that. It is still happening right now. Anyway, if you could get this issue picked up, it might ignite a fire. Not quite a struggling African orphanage, but still a good cause! Good luck.

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