How are you doing my friends? Can you believe it’s been nine (9) months since it was officially announced that we’re in a pandemic? It’s been a tough year for many of us. However, I have hope. And I would like to look at the bright side.

Are you excited that Thanksgiving is just around the corner? Then it’s Christmas, and New Year?  I am excited! In fact I have already written a blog post on “Gift Giving on Holidays During Pandemic” as a result of this excitement!  But before I upload that blog post, I want to highlight one of the gifts I suggested there.

What gift is that? It’s a subscription to edible Hawaiian Islands magazine

Why do I want to highlight this?

In the Facebook Group I founded and managed, I learned that there are many of you are missing Maui right now.  Many had to cancel and reschedule their vacation. The connection we have created on the Facebook group is helpful. However, sometimes you need more; or your family and friends need more. This is when the edible Hawaiian Islands magazines comes in.

Yes, we read many information online on the world wide web, but there’s something about receiving a high quality magazine in the mail. And I know that edible Hawaiian Islands magazine is one high quality magazine from Hawaii that you would love to receive. I don’t know about you, but as for me, when I read a magazine, I love to touch the paper and turn the pages manually. Not just tap digitally. The good news is that the Edible Hawaiian Islands are available both in print and digital. And you can buy this gift, not just for your family and friends, but for yourself as well.

The publisher of edible Hawaiian Islands magazine, Dania Novack Katz, is a good friend of mine. You can read about how our friendship started here on my previous post about edible Hawaiian Islands (back in 2010).  

I asked Dania to share with us what edible Hawaiian Islands  is and she shared with me their mission. She also shared about their experience and offer during this time of pandemic.

The Mission of edible Hawaiian Islands

The mission of edible Hawaiian Islands is to “talk story”: a local term meaning to verbally share stories between visitors, friends and ‘ohana. We share the stories of people who are growing, farming, ranching, fishing, and cooking our food and drink. Our stories will be told through stunning photography, beautiful illustrations and well-written stories that inspire the reader and uplift an entire community.

“During this unprecedented time when the stay-at-home order is suggested we have continued to print and publish our quarterly magazine. Reading edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine satisfies two immediate desires – one for travel and the other to share recipes so people can cook and taste Hawaii and reminisce about their previous travels to our island home”.

“While many other publications have paused, we have continued to print, distribute and publish our magazine. Readers have rushed to subscribe in both print and digital and that single action has been a force of strength and a reminder that the work being done by all of our writers, photographers, chefs and contributors is highly valued”.

“Please take a moment to note all of our advertisers within the pages if each issue. These advertisers chose to stay with us during a challenging time in their business and we deeply appreciate their on going support”.

To become a subscriber today, visit