UPDATE: 2nd Blog Post – the official welcome post and

a chance to win a Hawaiian musical CD. Click here


Oh, hello! I am supposed to write a post for this Ultimate Blog Party 2010. I am late (again!) I am so sorry. This busy working mama is “almost always” late. Let’s just say I am on “Maui Time” or “fashionably late”, ok? Please relax, look around, and enjoy the blog. I am working on a more “welcomy” post at the moment.

In the meantime, to bribe encourage you to leave a comment and let me know that you came to visit, I am doing a draw. Anyone who leaves a comment, even just to say “hello” will be included in a draw and will have a chance to one cute Java Lavalava cup holder. It’s the cutes thing ever – a reusable cup holder designed by my friend @tikitales.


By the way, I have actually donated a prize for this Ultimate Blog Party. I will include a photo of that on my party post. It’s a lot of goodies from Maui – oh all so good.  I can’t remember what number is it (I know, I am supposed to know that – I think it’s USC12). I will let you know  when my party post is up (let’s call this one a pre-post).


So leave your comment and please come back tomorrow. You’d never know I might have some more fun stuff to give away – from Maui no less! Don’t forget to say hello in the comment section. If you’d like to know more about me and my blog, just click the tabs up top (but you probably don’t have time for that right now because you’re partying and mingling around) Be be back for more aloha! I promise it’ll be worth it.

And before I forget, another Maui blogger, and a good friend of mine, @jamarilyn is also participating in this Ultimate Blog Party. She’s giving away a prize too, so check her blog out: The Artful Hawaiian Girl after you leave a comment here. Aloha!


UPDATE: 2nd Blog Post – the official welcome post and a chance to win a Hawaiian musical CD. Click here.