Where Locals Eat In Kihei Maui

Pizza Madness opened a few short years ago and quickly became a South Maui favorite. Located next to Maui Dive Shop on South Kihei Road, walking into Pizza Madness is kind of like entering the belly of an old wooden ship. The bronze-looking statues hanging around the place are always a point of interest- when is the last time you saw artwork depicting a shark devouring a slice of pepperoni?  Pizza Madness is home to delicious food and amazing pizza, a great staff and plenty of TVs to catch the game. The oversized picnic tables around the perimeter are perfect for large groups, making this a fantastic spot to meet up with friends and family for a slice. 1455 S. Kihei Rd 270-9888

Kihei Caffe is a classic and a frequent stop for locals and visitors alike. Mention the name and you’re sure to hear “delicious” in response. The owner and staff are some of the best people you’ll meet on Maui and cheerfully serve up incredible food on a daily basis. The portions are BIG, everything is out-of-this-world delicious and the location right across from Kalama Park is perfect for a post-breakfast beach walk. 1945 S. Kihei Rd 879-2230

Da Kitchen is the place to go when you are hungry. The portions served up here are very generous and everything is satisfying. With breakfast, plate lunch, noodles, salads and burgers there’s sure to be something here for everyone with an appetite. Da Kitchen Express in the Rainbow Mall has plenty of seating and is a great place to chow down on the way home from a day at Big Beach. 2439 S. Kihei Rd 875-7782

Maui Thai is tucked away in the back corner of the Rainbow Mall in South Kihei. If you love Thai food, or have never tried it, then seeking this place out could be the best thing you have ever done for your taste buds. Maui Thai has long been considered by locals to be some of the best Thai food on island. Just about everything is under $20 and absolutely heavenly. Every dish is delicious, and you must try the one of the amazing curries.  They are even running an early bird special right now: 15% off between 5-6pm.  2439 S. Kihei Rd 874-5605

UPDATE:  Maui Thai is now closed. However, a new Thai Restaurant is opened on the same place where Maui Thai was. It’s called Maui Thai Bistro. Not as good as Maui Thai but some of our friends said they are very good).

Sansei is a celebrity of Hawaii restaurants. A quick peak at any local culinary magazine or Sansei’s own website and you will read why critics and sushi-lovers praise Sansei year after year. The Kihei location offers excellence in every dish and an abundance of creative sushi options. And the specials keep locals coming back time and again: Early Bird Dining offers 25-50% off and Late Night Thursday thru Saturday gets you 50% off and a chance to listen to karaoke, or sing if you’re feeling brave. Days and hours of specials vary so call or check the website for details. These specials are very popular, so arrive early and get in line. 1881 S. Kihei Rd 879-0004

* This blog post is written by our guest blogger, Justine Volk. Thank you Justine!

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  1. I prefer shaka pizza they are originally fom the east coast and make s mean cheesesteak sandwich.sansei is expensive,only been there once.da kitchen is not clean,.sorry liza,not my choices.oh but the thai place in rainbow mall i have been and its ok.what about tikis,hanafuda .other wise i bring my own lunch to kihei on somedays.BTW safeway in kihei is the largest in the state,they have a great deli section.i prefer to the kahului one.MAHALO

  2. My favorite Maui spots include the Paia Fish Market and Da Kitchen. The portions at Da Kitchen just cannot be beat and most importantly, delicious! Thanks for the tips on the other restaurants. I’m such a creature of habit, but always willing to try new places. Maui Thai sounds yummy!

  3. I think this is a really healthy meal… well.. I have always learned in food that quality is better than quantity, but it depends and you have to balance it out… I usually do a research for some tips and advises from other travelers too…

  4. We’ve been going to Thai Taste for two years. It’s on PCH in center of Malibu. We love the easy vibe and friendly service, great traditional thai food, always tasty. They don’t rush you out the door, they let you talk and enjoy. They have this indoor fireplace/pit . And an outdoor patio but I stay inside to be cozy. We always have a simple glass of wine and split a couple of dishes. Good prices. They also deliver for a fee…and their delivery gentleman is the most distinguished guy! Hey we love it. .

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