Works For Me Wednesday is about “toys” this week. The themed edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday is titled: The Toys Worth Buying Edition. With Christmas around the corner, we are posting our family’s favorite toys–the ones that won’t end up in the garage sale pile in a month! Let me suggest a few from our past:

Ceramic Tea Party Set – We got a set for our daughter when she was three and now that she’s 10 she still occasionally plays with it. Sometimes she uses real food, sometimes pretend – like a pie made out of play dough. Speaking of play dough…. that leads me to the next suggestion…

Wooden Clay Play Set – This playset encouraged creativity and gave my kids lots and lots of hours of fun.

Lego – It’s a classic. My son started building it when he was 3, he is now 11 and still enjoys it. Of course the designs he builds gets more complicated. We buy Legos every year and we had accumulated tons of pieces. But it’s all worth it.

and for a classic free toy: BOXES – like these:

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