If you arrived here after Googling zipling on Maui, Check out Part 1 of this Haleakala Ziplinng post  and then come back here.


This morning at church, a friend of mine mentioned that she read my post about my ziplining and she was glad I did it. She said that when her daughter and her family visited here from the mainland, they did that and they loved it.  They will do it again when they come back.  Another friend joined in the conversation saying that her daughter is coming home and they will go ziplining also when she arrives.  I read somewhere in the internet that ziplining on Hawaii is now one of the most popular activities next to whale watching.

Anyway, as promised, below are some of the videos we’ve taken.  One tip for those who are going to do this, I think it is best when each of you has your own individual camera (stills or video). Hapa Boy and I only had one for both of us and we had to alternate taking each other’s photos.

The video below is of me doing zipline number 2.  It’s shakey in the beginning but will settle somewhere in the middle.  Notice my full sweatshirt and long pants.  (Hey, I am from Kihei.  But by the time we reached Zipline 4 I already took my sweatshirt off).



And now for the famous ZIP LINE NUMBER 5, once again Hapa Boy volunteered to be the first to do it.


And here he goes – weeeeeee! I was a little slow taking the video I didn’t get him until he is halfway.  So I took one of our group’s swing also.  You see, one of the reason zipline 5 is fun is that it allowed us to boomerang in the end.  Watch the second video below:



And here’s a great video I found which shows how exciting Zipline No. 5 is:


Overall, it was a wonderful experience.  My recommendation? You’ve got to do it! I am not saying this to be nice, it really is something that every visitors and residents on Maui should experience (of course those 80- lbs and above only).  Now I am ready to try the Kaanapali lines 🙂