Those who know me well know that I am always on the look-out for a fun family activities.  One day, a co-worker of mine told me that he and his son went ziplining at Haleakala and they had a blast!  I told my kids about it and all of us wanted to try it out too.  Then we got busy and didn’t get a chance to do it.  However, about a month ago, I got an invite from my Twitter friend (now friend IRL) Nathan to try out the Haleakala Ziplines via Skyline Eco-Adventures.  I had a conflict in schedule but I told him that my kids and I had been wanting to do that since I had heard a lot of fun things about it.

Today, that “desire” came true for Hapa Boy and I. YES, we went ziplining today!  Hapa Girl was bummed that she couldn’t go.  There is a weight limit  (80 lbs.) and she’s only a little over 60 lbs.  I told her that when she turns 80 lbs., I will take her there .

Ziplining was a great experience indeed!  To make it easier to describe the trip, let me share some photos and videos together with this talk story:


Our schedule is at 10:00 AM.  We arrived on time (sssshhh, HoneyB, I know, it’s a miracle that I arrived on time).  Danny Borren, the owner of Skyline Eco-Adventures was there when we arrived.  It was very nice meeting him.  I was able to personally thank him for letting Hapa Boy and I try out the zip lines. He was equally thankful that we are trying it out and hoped that we’d enjoy them. (oh, I knew he knew we would).

And so at 10AM the tour officially begun.  Kumara and Luke were introduced to us as our guide.  It’s Kumara’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Kumara!) so it’s extra special that she’s a tour guide for this zipping.  Both Luke and Kumara were very friendly and helpful. They surely know how to help take the “jitters away” from the first time zipliner like us. You will see in the upcoming photos later.  So let’s move along.

Below is a photo of Luke  explaining to us how Skyline Eco-Adventures are helping to protect Maui’s environment. For example, by allotting  a percentage of sales to help  protect the endangered species of birds native to Hawaii:


The first jump is always the harderst. Hapa Boy volunteered to be the first one to go (after Kumara, of course)


And there he goes! Nice and steady… His reaction to the first one? IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!


After  zipline #1 comes zipline #2 (no kidding!)  And that’s when my video comes in.  My WordPress is giving me a problem uploading the video right now so I will try using YouTube. I’d be back….. (back, and Zipling on Maui part 2 is here)