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Maui Sunset Afterglow in Keanae Peninsula

We spent out Independence Day Holiday Weekend at Keanae, Maui. We are fortunate (blessed) to have great friends (our hanai family, our ohana)  who owns a property in Keanae.  I call Keanae Peninsula a mini paradise on earth. On the afternoon / evening of July fourth, we were hanging out outside, chatting … and then we noticed […]

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Keanae On My Mind …

We were at Keanae this Saturday for a surprise birthday party of one of dear friends. I planned to write a blog post about Keanae, but it’s now almost 11PM Sunday night, and my eyes are falling (need to go to bed).  So for now, please enjoy the photos and I will catch up with […]

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I Love Keanae

Why do I love going to Keanae? It is a very peaceful place. Surrounded by beautiful nature God has created, spending time in Keanae helps renews my mind, body and soul. And that’s what vacation is all about. We were first introduced to this lovely peninsula by our dear friends, the Keplers. They have a […]

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