It’s high season for visitors and many are first timers on Maui.  I wanted to write a quick blog post to help avoid  a”bad experience” on your visit … this is one quick tip but can save you from a bad experience on Maui.


When you arrive on Maui and you wanted to stop at the Grocery store, make sure you leave someone in the car.  Why? because lately I had been hearing of cars being robbed in the parking lot.  First I must say that Maui is a safe place for the most part. I usually leave my car unlock and never had any problems. But you see, I have a Maui Cruiser.  The thieves who steal from your car, they can spot the “Tourist Cars” and especially the one who just came from the airport. You might say “oh, we’ll lock the in the trunk” … believe me, I have heared stories “everything in the trunk being gone” when the family of tourist comes back to the car.  Like what I mentioned before, these mostly happen in Grocery Parking lots such as Costco, Safeway, Target and Walmart.  Of course the “theft incidents when you leave your car” does not happen all the time, but what if it happen to you?

So when you arrive on Maui and you want to go grocery shopping before you go to your condo or hotel, just leave one of you in the car, ok?  You can go shopping together on another day when not all your luggage are in the car.

Same is true when you are leaving Maui and wanted to make a quick stop to buy one last souvenir before going to the airport. Your luggage is already in your car so make sure someone stays in the car.

Again, Maui is a nice safe place compared to many destination resort places but it’s not perfect, so better safe than sorry.

* * *

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OK … now that you’ve read these safety tips and reminders … go and have fun! If you need suggestions on things to do on Maui, check this post for a start: 10 Things To Do on Maui

Aloha and a hui hou!